Jayhawks to Call It Quits

Fine. Just do a solo album Louris.

E! Online News - FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief: "THAT'S A WRAP: Gary Louris, frontman for the Jayhawks, stating that the band has more or less decided to call it quits and pursue other projects."

Nap Software for OSX

I will be trying this very soon...maybe even this afternoon.

Xeric Design, Ltd. | Product Information | pzizz: "Developed by Xeric Design on behalf of Brainwave, pzizz is a remarkable new application that combines several proven techniques to give you the most refreshing and revitalising 'nap' possible. We have combined Neurolinguistic Programming with enchanting music, voice, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a wonderfully relaxed state."

Battlestar Galactica Blog

Battlestar Galactica Blog: "Season Two and Q & A

So it's official: we're doing a second season.

To say that this is happy news is to indulge in a display of understatement. The road to television success is a long one, littered with various hurdles, all of which must be vaulted: the studio pitch session, the network pitch, the story outline, the first draft script, the second draft script, the green-light to produce the pilot, casting the pilot, making the pilot, ordering the series, producing the series, getting the reviews, getting an audience, and then.... getting a second season. We've managed to clear that hurdle and it feels frakking good."

Elgato Systems - eyhome

Trust me. This thing - if you have a mac - will change your life.

Sure - it's not perfect - but it does provide a simple to use interface that works for under $200 bucks to watch, play, view - whatever iLife content and content your download on your TV.

I bought it because I wanted to watch DIVX and MP2 and MP4 files on the TV and use a remote to pause - play and fast forward. You can't do this (and don't bring up Remote Desktop or Remote Wonder) with any other product with any ease.

My old set up was using Remote Desktop (see I brought it up) and controlling a G4 Cube 450. There are tons of use issues here and you don't want to open the laptop - login into the cub - etc everytime.

In general though the interface is not great - it isn't bad either. Maya can use this but couldn't deal with the straight remote desktop solution which was much slower.

The 1.5.2 update also is a big move forward - and though it's not a mac interface - hey it's on my TV and it's easy to use. It plays my files - it references my iTunes and iPhoto - and until Apple makes something better (or ever does) - then it's the best solution for this content and control / aggregation issue.

Great job Elgato - keep updating it and making it better.

Elgato Systems