Ed Bott: TiVo versus MCE versus my cable company

Ed Bott: TiVo versus MCE versus my cable company: "TiVo versus MCE versus my cable company

These are rough times for a TiVo fanatic. The company and its groundbreaking box are getting squeezed into irrelevance. On the one side, cable companies offer their own DVR boxes, which may not be elegant but are easy and cheap. On the other side, you have PC-based solutions like Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, which do more than a TiVo and are improving by leaps and bounds every year."


Syntax Launches 26" Olevia LT26HVE LCD HDTV @ CHAITGEAR

I have the older (old...2 months ago) 30" version. I highly recommend this brand.

Syntax Launches 26” Olevia LT26HVE LCD HDTV @ CHAITGEAR: "The new Olevia LT26HVE is a 26? hi-def LCD TV, sporting a 1280x768 resolution (15:9, like the 27? and 30? units), 750:1 contrast ratio, 700nits brightness, a 170-degree view angle, and 12ms pixel response time. That should make for a great smaller-room HD experience."

Xbox 360 Mockups

Just plain cool.

Gizmodo : Home Entertainment : Xbox Archives: "These mock-ups of the Xbox 360 are obviously not real (there's a copyright attributed to them) nor are they practical, but they are pretty imaginative all the same."


Boston.com / News / Local / Maine's split personality

Boston.com / News / Local / Maine's split personality: "In the shrinking towns and one-store hamlets of northern Maine that once hummed with frontier bravado and a sense of opportunity, there is grumbling about what many consider the region's undoing: southern Maine."