My Dad

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He loves to fish and I love him. Yet another nice looking scrappy bass from the St. John river in Canada.

David Kirkpatrick - Apple's Switch to Intel: The Ultimate Power Move? - FORTUNE

I'm starting to see the excellent thinking in this switch. Okay - I felt burned at first after swallowing the whole PowerPC is better thing for so long, but Steve did admit that it just wasn't getting faster and the fact there wasn't a new "mobile" solution. Well - bring on my Intel based Powerbook.

David Kirkpatrick - Apple's Switch to Intel: The Ultimate Power Move? - FORTUNE: "The IT industry is yet another arena in life that often resembles high school: One week you and your friends ridicule a girl and the next week you're going steady with her. Which is a little bit like how Apple Computer acted with Intel. For years, Apple has fought hard against Intel-based PCs in the marketplace and once insulted the giant chipmaker by spoofing its ads. Then on Monday, after weeks of speculation, CEO Steve Jobs announced at Apple's developers conference that it would buy chips from Intel instead of from IBM and Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola's semiconductor division) for its Macintosh computers. The transition will take place over two years."


MoveOn PAC: Tell the Truth About Iraq

Help out and get it signed so we can all find out the truth.

MoveOn PAC: Tell the Truth About Iraq: "Tell the Truth About Iraq Last month the Times of London published a smoking gun memo on President Bush%u2019s lies leading up to the Iraq war. Six months before the invasion the administration admitted to British officials that, contrary to what the American public was told, the White House was determined to go to war and was fixingintelligence on WMDs to justify the move.

Bush has refused to address the evidence in the 'Downing Street Memo,' but pressure is building from the people and the press. Representative John Conyers has launched a citizens petition to demand answers. When we reach 500,000 signers Rep. Conyers will personally deliver your comments to the gates of the White House. Help get out the truth please sign today."

What happened to Polio?

NMAH | Polio: "In the United States, polio was the most notorious disease of the 20th century until AIDS appeared. On April 12, 1955, it was announced that Jonas Salk, using March of Dimes donations from millions of people, had developed a vaccine to prevent polio."


Anya Looking At Camel

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This was her reaction looking at a Camel. Totally calm. Totally composed.

Web Sites, Blogs Can Boost Your Career - Yahoo! News

Web Sites, Blogs Can Boost Your Career - Yahoo! News: "When the staff at a Scholastic Corp. unit heard that Cindy Eng was being hired as their editorial head earlier this year, they did an online search of her name.

Fortunately for Eng, their searches led them right to her Web portfolio, a personal Web site that trumpeted her professional accomplishments, including the books she helped publish and the companies she's worked for. 'I think it set their minds at ease that their new boss knew what she was doing,' said the Fanwood, N.J., resident."


Anya & The Crocodile

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She loved that crocodile...

AppleInsider | Apple confirms switch to Intel

This also confirms that my dual g4, powerbook, cube, and mini are obsolete. Great. And who's going to buy a new mac now? I can see the cover of Wired again - "Pray Again."

AppleInsider | Apple confirms switch to Intel: "Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs today confirmed plans to deliver models of its Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007."


Get your trendwatching hat on.

TRENDWATCHING.COM Newsletter | Global Consumer and Marketing Trends | June/July 2005: "TWINSUMERS morph into mass influencers, or mavens, or whatever you want to call these Master Consumers. From individuals like Josh Rubin, Grace Bonney and Josh Spear to user-generated, curated and edited blogs like gridskipper.com. It's in this space that brands could try to (carefully) connect with the new curators that are influencing so many other consumers, in a multitude of industries. Just don't forget you're the one needing a favor this time. "