chez pim: How not to drink black tar in Paris?

I can see some of the points - but the overall coffee quality in Paris is so much better than the US that you have to wonder why make that the title.

chez pim: How not to drink black tar in Paris?: "No, I'm not arguing that it's not at all possible to get a good cup of coffee in Paris.%uFFFD That's certainly not true.%uFFFD Verlet, Cafe Amazone, and Comptoir Richard sell the best coffees one could find anywhere.%uFFFD But what is absolutely true is how bad coffees at any random cafes in Paris are.%uFFFD Seriously bad.%uFFFD Burnt asphalt on the nose, black tar on the palate."


Teddy Ruxpin Returns!

He's back and in digital form.

Updated Teddy Ruxpin tells stories from digital cartridges - Jun. 16, 2005: "Teddy Ruxpin, the animated stuffed animal popular in the 1980s, is returning to stores in September after being updated with digital technology."


PBS Previews | Guns, Germs & Steel

PBS Previews | Guns, Germs & Steel: "ared Diamond's revolutionary theories about the course of human civilization come to the screen in GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL: A NATIONAL GEOGRPHIC PRESENTATION, a new three-part television series produced exclusively for PBS. Diamond's Pulitzer Prize-winning work offers a revealing look at the rise and fall of societies through the lens of geography, technology, biology and economics - forces symbolized by the power of guns, germs and steel. The series airs on PBS Mondays, July 11-25, 2005. Check local listings."


Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years

Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years: "It has five leaves, stands 14 inches high and is nicknamed
Methuselah. It looks like an ordinary date palm seedling, but for UCLA-
educated botanist Elaine Solowey, it is a piece of history brought back to


What Do I Know - Apple and Intel, The Day After

What Do I Know - Apple and Intel, The Day After: "There are two theories floating around concerning the whole Apple / Intel marriage announced yesterday by Steve Jobs at the WWDC. One, Apple was forced into bed with Intel by IBM. Two, Apple sought out Intel as part of a long range roadmap IBM simply wasn't interested in. If I were a betting man, I'd let it all ride on the former. The reason? Say it with me now -- PowerBooks."