Golden Ticket Winner Announced

Golden Ticket Winner Announced: "Warner Bros. Pictures congratulates Kathleen Dunford of Lakeland, Florida, as the grand prize winner in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket Sweepstakes contest, launched in celebration of the upcoming release 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' starring Johnny Depp. Dunford and her 14-year-old daughter will be flown to New York City for a private screening of the film, opening nationwide July 15th, and an exclusive shopping spree in the city's famed Dylan's Candy Bar. "


Net Search? Net.Net Showing Up?

Is anyone else seeing Net Search show up all the time? Is this a mac bug? This morning everytime I searched or put in jaybrewer.net it came up. If you put in toyboxdx.net it shows up - what is it?

gadgetryblog: Dog Disguise Kit

gadgetryblog: Dog Disguise Kit: "I peed myself so bad when I saw this that I actually had to go and clean up. Normally I can get away with just dabbing the wet patches with my mousemat and spraying some screen cleaner. The Invisible Breed Product really should go to market. Basically, it's a 'costume' that you can put on your killing machine to make it look like a pussy poodle. That way, victims the general public won't be so freaked out when they see you walking a 6-foot fur ball. I so love those ankle pieces. Just check out the dog's face and tell me he doesn't know how much of a dick he looks!"


Bnoopy: It%u2019s a great time to be an entrepreneur

Bnoopy: It%u2019s a great time to be an entrepreneur: "There%u2019s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur because it%u2019s never been cheaper to be one. Here%u2019s one example."


Flying a Plane In Your Underwear

Originally uploaded by Jay Brewer.

Well - I just had to do it. We found one of those old d-powered planes you spin around your head. Boyhood magic and as an adult - you can do things like this in your boxer shorts.


Originally uploaded by Jay Brewer.

My brother bought a Kawasaki 4x4 Mule - it's a tad bit amazing. Totally fun to drive and great for that growing family. :-)