Anya Experiences Carpet for the first time at Macworld Boston

Originally uploaded by Jay Brewer.

And thinks it's Elmo. We lasted about 45 minutes before she would not stop rubbing the carpet yelling Elmo. Damn kids!


How to Build A 17ft Wind Turbine - SLASHDOTTED!!!

I got this post on Slashdot.org! I have been trying to write a post or two and see if I could get one up. Nice!!!

Direct link on Slashdot.org.

The people over at Treehugger have found an amazing little article on how to build a 17ft - 3kW+ output Wind Turbine. Apparently this is the latest project of OtherPower.com and the site has a variety of other engergy saving/producing projects including a Homebrew Maytag Gas Battery charger.