Build Your Own Telecrapper & Harass Telemarketers

Are you tired of answering the phone only to find a telemarketer on the other end and wish you could make them as angry as you feel? Now you can build your own answering system that carries on a virtual conversation with the telemarketer and drives them nuts. The Telecrapper 2000 (TC2K) is a computerized system designed to both intercept incoming Telemarketing calls on the first ring, and then carry on a virtual conversation with the telemarketer. The site also features phone calls the device has carried out with telemarketers.


Anya Visits Nantasket Beach

Originally uploaded by Jay Brewer.

Someone had a great time in the sand.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company by MetaEfficient

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company by MetaEfficient: "The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was started by Jay Schafer, after he decided to inhabit just 100 square feet, because of concerns he had about environmental impact of a larger house, and because he didn't want to maintain a lot of unused space. He calls his methodology 'subtractive design' and he has lectured on the subject around the country. All of the ten buildings his company sells are less than 500 square feet, including the one that he currently lives in, which is 70 square feet. The biggest is 'The Bungalow' at 500 square feet and the smallest is the 'Elemeno House,' which is 50 square feet and is based on Buddhist story of Hojoki which translates to 'The 10 Foot Square Hut.'"

New Marvel Name & Movies

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel: "Marvel, the home of Spider-Man and X-Men, has a new name and 10 new movies in development, Variety reported. With its $525 million debt facility from Merrill Lynch closed, the company is changing its name from Marvel Enterprises to Marvel Entertainment, reflecting its new business producing and financing movies internally without a studio partner.


Treehugger: Nissan Airstream BaseCamp

Treehugger: Nissan Airstream BaseCamp: "We will admit to being partial to Airstream's silver-sleek aluminum style, so imagine our excitement to learn that the free hand given to designers at Nissan Design America (NDA) has resulted in minimalist model which is certain to be the rage in Dutch touring clubs, joining successful European mini-models such as the Eriba Puck, or the Tabbart T@b (see pics over the fold). As reported in Airstream's newsletter, the Base Camp 'was the brainchild of NDA aces Bryan Thompson and Steve Moneypenny, who envisioned a travel vehicle that was a springboard for outdoor adventures rather than a living room on wheels.'"