New Shoes for Us

New Shoes for Us
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I can only say - I'm becoming a total Dad. We went to the local shoe barn - yep I said barn and all got new shoes for the Fall. Somehow they all ended up black with blue jeans. Hmmm... :-)


Real Restaurants Go to College

Real Restaurants Go to College: "To the college dining staples of Salisbury steak and shepherd's pie, students at George Mason University can now add a $16.99 rack of barbecue ribs, an $18.99 filet mignon and soon, if they are of age, a shot of tequila or a vodka martini, and charge it all to their college meal cards.When a branch of Damon's Grill opened at the Fairfax City campus Oct. 3, it was more than a response to student requests for more dining options. It launched the chain and George Mason food contractor Sodexho USA into an experiment at moving college dining a step upscale, adding a full-service restaurant with a bar to the fast food franchises and burger joints that are standard on college campuses."


Josh Spear Makes Time Magazine

My good blog friend Josh Spear has made Time Magazine.

TIME.com: Messengers of Cool -- Oct. 24, 2005 -- Page 1: "round 100 times a day, a message%uFFFDlands in Reinier Evers' In box, bearing the promise of something new and cool. Sometimes the sender is describing a product that's suddenly generating local buzz, like lipstick-size aromatherapy tubes in New Zealand or cone-shaped pizza in Italy. Other times it's an innovative retail concept, like customized-candy shops in Australia or American T-shirt 'delis' where designs are personalized like sandwiches. The correspondence comes in from trendspotters everywhere--a coffee shop in Istanbul or a library in Taipei--all part of Evers' network of more than 7,000 volunteers, most of whom have never met--and will never meet--their boss. 'I call this effect the global brain,' says Evers, 35. 'People all over are having this international conversation about what's next, what's trendy. Our role is to serve as aggregator and to provide context.'"