Oh, what a year (kottke.org)

Total bummer. I guess he did the math but did he do enough to make it bigger? Better? I read the site everyday and I'm not sure anything ever changed - and maybe for Jason that's why he ended it. In his mind new pursuits - new dreams were the things to do and not making the realized dream of kottke.org just another year upon year of blogging. Whatever the real reasons - it will be interesting to see what happens after the burden of kottke.org is gone.

Oh, what a year (kottke.org): "I'm not going to be asking for contributions again. Part of it has to do with the reasons outlined at the bottom of this post. I haven't grown traffic enough or developed a sufficient cult of personality to make the subscription model a sustainable one for kottke.org...those things just aren't interesting to me."

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