Fast Food Fever on Slashfood

If you don't live in the UK, you might be saddened by the thought of missing out on the Bigger Big Mac and wish it would be available in your neighborhood or if you were intrigued by Sarah's post about the real "secret menu" at fast food restaurants, we have the site for you. Fast Food Fever is a site dedicated to the creation of new and unusual fast food combinations, mostly achieved by deconstructing existing food and putting it back together. They have "recipes" for combinations like the Pop N' Taco - a combination of popcorn chicken from KFC and a taco from Taco Bell - and the Surf N' Turf - a hybrid sandwich with a Filet o' Fish patty inside a McDonald's Big N' Tasty. The biggest creation is the Triple Threat, which combines burgers from McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King. It's hard to say whether the Triple Threat is for people who like all fast food or don't like any one enough to eat it alone. Most likely, it is for people with big appetites and too much time on their hands. It's a fun read, though.

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