Glaring omissions from the Harry Potter Universe

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The seventh and final Harry Potter book comes out midnight on Friday, an event long awaited by the two geeklings in the house. We’re going to be there at the stroke of midnight as the book goes on sale at the local Borders, and rest of the weekend will be devoted to frantic page-turning, no doubt.


Long Way Down

Ewan and Charlie head out on another long motorcycle adventure from Scotland to South Africa.

At Long Way Down

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Great trailer...and I'm sure I'll be seeing this with Denis in order to not hide my face and plug my ears the entire time we view it in Somerville at 10pm sometime this Fall.

MySpaceTV: Rob Zombie's Halloween by Chris:

Masters of Science Fiction to air starting August 4th

Sci-Fi Storm | Masters of Science Fiction to air starting August 4th; press release:

The first of four episodes of Masters of Science Fiction will air on August 4th at 10pm on ABC, with the first episode being "A Clean Escape", based on a short story by Nebula winner John Kessel, adapted by Sam Egan (The Outer Limits, Jeremiah) and directed by Mark Rydell (On Golden Pond), and stars Emmy winners Judy Davis and Sam Waterston. Three more stories with similarly top-shelf names will air in the weeks that follow. Read More for the full press release.

East Asia Review at Boston.com

Having eaten here or gotten take out over 75+ times - East Asia is amazing chinese food. There is also another amazing restaurant next door - Tu Y Yo.

Boston Restaurants - restaurant reviews and dining recommendations - Boston.com:

Catch Kathy Leng on the right night at East Asia, and you can witness her transformation into a fine-tuned dumpling-making machine. Wrappers are stacked high. A huge bowl of filling is set at the ready. Then, one by one, she swiftly fills, folds, and pinches shut, oh, about a few hundred doughy bundles of joy -- all within view of her awed customers (and the two very fat, big-eyed goldfish that live in the restaurant's fish tank).