Rowling suing fan over new Potter book - George Lucas Advises

Okay - so maybe George Lucas is not advising her, but Potter fans will have to become used to this sort of thing if they want the Potter Verse to remain intact in the coming decades. George Lucas and Lucas Film staunchly defend the Star Wars copyrights - and I believe they are right to do so. Without doing so - we wouldn't have new movies, tv shows, and books officially licensed and supporting Star Wars if everyone was taking their piece without paying Daddy Lucas. Potter fans can make books and other items provided Rowling can extend the opportunity and get the licensing stuff in order.

Author J.K. Rowling will tell a judge this week that one of her biggest fans is in fantasyland if he believes a "Harry Potter" encyclopedia he plans to publish does not violate her copyrights.

At Rowling suing fan over new Potter book - CNN.com


The Mudslinger said...

I would agree except for the fact that she has mentioned doing one of her own. She should collaborate on it rather than fight it, else it looks like a money-grab by a billionaire. This guy is willing to the lion's share of the work, so why should she not take advantage of it?

She should focus more on making Beetle and Bard availablr to the public rather than quashing the lexicon.

Jay Brewer said...

Perhaps that's what she'll do. Steve Sanswei ended up joining Lucas instead of doing it rogue. Too bad they couldn't reach that prior to trial.

I bet they are caught in the publisher doing this and not rowling.

TheBard said...

There's a lot more to it than just that. JKR has known Steve for quite a while. In fact, he was on a Harry Potter documentary mostly about the movies, and was shown in the commentary more than Daniel Radcliffe. Steve created the Lexicon as a free resource to the fan community. Unlike books that analyze the original canon stories, or that create something new, Steve's Lexicon is just a re-hash of the information presented in an encyclopedia format. Nothing new, nothing creative. He's a librarian, not a writer. He organizes stuff, he doesn't create anything new.

In addition, JKR was going to do the encyclopedia as a charity book. She's always said so. It would not only contain the organized contents of the seven main books, but also background information that she was unable to fit into the books. I personally want to know Blaise Zabini's and Dean Thomas's backstories. Steve wants to take a re-organization of the seven main books (no new content, just organized data) and publish his for profit.

Anyway, to the crux of the matter... the sort of book Steve is trying to create definitely would infringe on copyright restrictions. JKR sent cease-and-desist letters to Steve, and Steve couldn't get over his mountain-sized ego. He's a pompous git. He asked a people I know if they'd illustrate the book for him, and led them to believe that JKR had approved it. One of my friends managed to get out of her contract with Steve and RDR books the day after she signed it when I told her that Steve didn't have approval for the book. The young woman was shocked to find out, and scared that she'd be sued along with Steve.

Oh, and you know how the CNN article says that Steve moved to London to begin a career as a writer? HA HA HA. I'll tell you the real reason. He moved there to be with his mistress/girlfriend, who is half his age. They've been having an affair for quite a while now. His wife and kids were left behind.

I hope JKR squishes him. He'd deserve it. His stupidity tarnishes the good reputation of the fan base, and threatens to put our fun at risk. Oh, not only that, but he doesn't know how to bugger off when he's annoying someone, he can't stop mumbling when he's doing public speaking, and his arrogance and lack of manners are atrocious.