AC/DC - Check!

Originally uploaded by Jay Brewer.

In an impromptu concert invite - I finally get to see AC/DC. One of the best and maybe only true rock shows I've seen. Imagine no ballads and no bullshit except for song after song of hits. The energy at times was stupifying, and these guys are all the original members - crazy.


kired said...

All the original members except Bon Scott. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bon_Scott

Jay Brewer said...

Agreed. I meant minus Bon Scott - all the guys I grew up with.

Unknown said...

Crazy, right? We (my wife, my sister and I) saw the Boston show (which was my second one - I also saw them at MSG on the Stiff Upper Lip tour in 2000). Their show is just so damn good that I wasn't about to let the tour go without seeing one show. I've been literally RAVING about how good it was since the SUL show so everyone was sick of hearing about but they all agreed it was everything I'd ever said it was.

Jason said...

Hey Jay, It's Jason Rathbun. I just typed this huge thing and for some reason it didn't post. Anyway, I saw them this tour too (Boston). I'd seen them before (at MSG in 2000) and there was no way I was gonna miss this one. I've literally been RAVING about how good it is to everyone since then and my wife and my sister (who went too) both said it was everything I'd ever said it was.