Czechoslovakian SCI-FI Movies

This is really amazing. I have always wondered what SCI-FI I was missing out on in other countries. This one from Czechoslovakia is both beautiful and poignant.

Video: Clip from "Ikarie XB 1," Czechoslovakian Space Noir (1963)


Video: Clip from "Ikarie XB 1," Czechoslovakian Space Noir (1963) - Boing Boing Gadgets


Watchmen - Movie Site and Reflections

I'm constantly forgetting they are making the Watchmen into a movie. Why? I guess I can't believe it will be that good. V for Vendetta did impress - so perhaps this director can do Watchmen some justice.

Some background - when I was 13 - my parents took me on a trip to Florida with my brother. It was the last family trip we all took together. It was also the first time I obsessed about finding the already very rare Watchmen comics. My mom hung in there and we got two sets in various comic shops throughout Florida and the eastern seaboard. At the time - I had never read a comic like the Watchmen - and that's no surprise there weren't any - at least not put out by major comic houses like DC.

Thanks Mom.

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