Rowling suing fan over new Potter book - George Lucas Advises

Okay - so maybe George Lucas is not advising her, but Potter fans will have to become used to this sort of thing if they want the Potter Verse to remain intact in the coming decades. George Lucas and Lucas Film staunchly defend the Star Wars copyrights - and I believe they are right to do so. Without doing so - we wouldn't have new movies, tv shows, and books officially licensed and supporting Star Wars if everyone was taking their piece without paying Daddy Lucas. Potter fans can make books and other items provided Rowling can extend the opportunity and get the licensing stuff in order.

Author J.K. Rowling will tell a judge this week that one of her biggest fans is in fantasyland if he believes a "Harry Potter" encyclopedia he plans to publish does not violate her copyrights.

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New Millennium Falcon Jumps Out of Hyperspace


This is THE Millennium Falcon toy that never arrived when I was 5 years old. I still have my original Falcon, but it doesn't have all these bells and whistles. I'm not sure I needed all these features, but knowing the interior isn't just a printed piece of cardboard is a welcome addition. I have recently stopped buying new Star Wars stuff - but I'll have to have this one for my collection.

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Wil Wheaton's Happiest first printing is nearly sold out

I do really recommend this book - from Star Trek to becoming an author - Wil's books are really solid and made for Gen X.

Happiest first printing is nearly sold out!

When I went to pack up a bunch of Happiest Days orders this morning, I realized that this totally awesome tower of books, representing much of the first printing, has been reduced to just three boxes, and one of those is only half full. I'm probably going to have to order a second printing for the great Geek Tour of 2008.

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