Tropicana Returns Old Package Design

I find this absolutely fascinating. I'm often annoyed at a package refresh - but never to this level.

The PepsiCo Americas Beverages division of PepsiCo is bowing to public demand and scrapping the changes made to a flagship product, Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice. Redesigned packaging that was introduced in early January is being discontinued, executives plan to announce on Monday, and the previous version will be brought back in the next month.

At Advertising - Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging - NYTimes.com

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Leto said...

yeah but it is a pretty stupid move - take a brand that has and should evoked old fashioned quality taste, and they put a minimalist modern spin on it? and they just got rid of the straw in the orange entirely?? they're throwing all their branding out the window. bad idea.