New Angus Third-Pounders at McDonald's - Delicious

I had the pleasure of eating one of the new Angus burgers this past Iekend from McDonald's. I chose the Angus Deluxe and the 1/3 pound burger delivered. It's very large and very yummy - the amount of mayo, cheese, and burger are pefectly balanced. I also love how it fits in our hands and FEELS more like a traditional burger. The angus beef tasted like - BEEF. Great job McDonalds. Can't wait to order up two of these for a Double Angus.

There are three versions available - so check them out at your local McDonald's.
  • Angus Deluxe: American cheese, sliced red onions and sliced red tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, mustard and mayonnaise.
  • Angus Mushroom and Swiss: sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and mayonnaise.
  • Angus Bacon and Cheese: bacon, merican cheese, sliced red onions, mustard, ketchup and pickles.
At McDonald's

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