Ewan and the Lego Club Magazine - AKA Semi Monthly Lego Catalog

I remember as a kid being so into the Sears Christmas Catalog and Star Wars mini-catalogs that came with larger toys from Kenner. These entertained me for hours and hours of dreaming not just about getting the toys but they were the only source of memories about the movies they were tied to.

Now Ewan gets this Lego Club Catalog and on day 3 he's still going strong. I love how he eats his breakfast and then hits the couch for more Lego Catalog time.


Tripods - A Series of Novels - Comic Strip in Boys Life

Finally found the series of books I read as both a comic strip and novels as a kid. The Tripods was in the back of Boys Life and also came out in novel form. I'm hoping to pick these up and read them with Ewan and Anya. Check out the strip here